Our 管道 Quality Advantage

Our 管道 Quality Advantage

相信A.Y. McDonald 管道 Quality Advantage



True or false: A plumbing part that looks high-quality on the outside also means a high-quality product on the inside. 假.

 从肉眼看, a competitor’s plumbing fitting and our own sitting side by side may look very similar, 如果不完全相同. 然而, the physical appearance of the component is only the tip of the iceberg when deciphering the quality of the overall product.

Examples of quality related differences between two plumbing parts can include the following:

  • 螺纹质量
    Cheap threads result in wasting time by applying large amounts of pipe dope, 磁带, or putty yet you still risk a leak in the application down the road.
  • 螺纹壁厚
    A thread that is too thin leads to leaks while a thread that’s too thick means potentially warping its female counterpart, 因此导致泄漏.
  • 材料类型
    Certain materials are more subject to corrosion than others. Once in contact with the harsh elements and/or aggressive water that plumbing items often are, this may lower the lifespan and effect the integrity of the product.

In the plumbing industry, it takes a lot to stand out from the growing competition. Given the unique position of being a trusted manufacturer in multiple industries already (water works, 泵, 天然气), A.Y. McDonald knows firsthand what a great quality product looks like. After all, we are the thread experts with elements that have the potential leak – water and gas.

It all starts with a passion – a passion to provide innovative and competitive solutions to solve our customer’s biggest challenges. 下一个, it’s investing in the right number of resources and knowledge, coupled with great customer service. Lastly, just add water, and let the plumbing product do its job.

 When you can’t see quality because everything looks the same, you simply have to choose someone you trust that will provide a high-quality product. 在一个.Y. 麦当劳澳门维尼斯人赌场赢钱历史, we have been known to hold ourselves to a higher standard than our competition by going beyond simply complying to industry standards. This includes a quality analysis to ensure we are providing a top-quality product. It’s not only what our customers prefer – it’s what they expect from us.

It ends with a great product from an industry renowned name. 管道 distributors/suppliers look at A.Y. McDonald as a company with great customer service, over a century’s worth of knowledge, and a vast selection of parts, while the end user uses our solutions simply because of the great product we provide. As the whole package, people choose A.Y. McDonald because we make good products and sell them honestly – and we have since 1856.